We went on a 8D7N liveaboard trip to Komodo Island with M/V Tarata of Grand Komodo Tours in Sep 2006. This trip was booked with Hong Kong Diving Adventure Ltd. We flew directly from HK to Bali/Denpasar, stayed overnight, then flew to Bima, travelled on road to Sape and boarded the dive boat. The trip included a morning excursion to visit the Komodo National Park where we could see the Komodo dragons.
The diving is just great! There are so many fishes to see, and they are larger than those found in other areas of SE Asia! The corals are very beautiful. In other places, there may be patches of dead corals, but in Komodo waters, they cover all areas of the reefs. The sight is spectacular. The currents here are not as fierce as I've expected (may be because the dive masters are so good to pick the right spots), but the water temperature is definitely cool. In the Manta Alley, we encountered over a dozen of manta rays circling around the cleaning stations. We were also lucky enough to see several devil rays and a large hammerhead.
For more photos, please have a look at my Flickr album - Komodo Sep 2006 Mathew Au and his group of friends also went with us on the same trip. He's a very keen photographer and his u/w photos are magnificent. You can find his work at this link- www.fotop.net/matau