Kungkunggung Bay Resort

We stayed at Kungkunggung Bay Resort (KBR) at Lembeh, Indoensia, in Sep 2005. This is definitely a mecca for muck diving, with so many interesting things to see. All over the dark sandy bottoms are all kinds of camouflaged creatures waiting to ambush their victims. Most of these have grown very hairy indeed! The frog fishes and the flamboyant cuttlefishes are particularly cute to watch, and there are so many other critters around. Our dive master once found a mimick octopus, and warned us straight away not to make any further move or noise. But it was too shy and had hidden away, so we couldn't see its great displays. We witnessed a tiny frog fish eating a small fish of its own size at one night dive, and it had bloated twice as big!

Jimmy was our guide. Just tell him what you'd like to see; you won't be disappointed! This is a magical place.

After Lembeh, we went to Bunaken National Park at Manado, also with Eco Divers who run the KBR resort. Bunaken has a variety of dive sites that suit different tastes, but personally I think Lembeh is more attractive. If you're visiting both places on the same trip, may be it's better to go to Bunaken first in order to fully enjoy both sites.

hiary frog fish

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