Dive 1 (Check dive) - Time in 16:50 @ Pulau Matan (just outside Sorong) - very good dive, saw lots of fishes and creatures – orange-striped flatworms, mantis shrimp, cuttlefishes, razor fishes amongst whip corals, hairy crabs, baby hairy nudibranch, a large wobbegong (!) (first time for me), a blue-spotted stingray and many many sea stars, corals and sea pen. Very beautiful!

Dive 2– Time in 08:09 @ Mike’s Point, Mansuar – very strong current (!) morning dive 已要頂流,幸好只在13m,不過耗氣甚多,基本上是在海底爬石,為的是去 overhang 看一大羣sweetlips,我支持不住沒去到最開面,因此只看見十多條,阿基說那兒至少有數十條頗壯觀,這麼辛苦我覺得不是太值得,反而後來看到 pygmy seahorse 比較開心。

Dive 3– Time in 11:45 @ Moiskon, Mansuar – 少少流,beautiful dive, saw 2 big wobbegongs, many batfishes, turtle,barracudas, giant groupers, giant trevally, Napoleon, schools of fusiliers, midnight snappers, seetlips, blacktip shark, flounder, and a tiny tiny yellow spotted boxfish (thumbnail-sized, my favourite!) 不過可能因為 1st dive 已經辛苦,所以這次也狀態不佳,搞到 lunch 也吃不下,還要午睡休息,無奈地要 skip afternoon dive呢!

Dive 4 (Night dive)– Time in 19:10 @ Mioskon, Mansuar – good dive, saw lots of creatures, small spotted eel, lionfishes, large scropionfishes, lobsters, large wobbegong, pipefishes, coral crabs, first time I see a sea star that walks so fast (!), and a very nice pink cowry sticking on a red soft coral. 要不是Herry 叫我看,我不會留意到那是一隻螺。

Dive 5 – Time in 07:54 @ Cape Kri, Mansuar *** - remember this place, very beautiful dive with lots of fishes and such full coral coverage that there are no places to lay our fingers on (!), silent at first, but then at around 35 minutes into the dive, current starts to pick up. We have to hold onto the rocks with both hands. This place is supposed to have at least 250 different kinds of fish and we saw loads indeed – batfishes, humped-head parrot fishes, gray reef sharks, schools of needlefish, yellow tail barracudas (of 1m long!), big-eye jacks, giant trevally, snappers, emperors, surgeon ragtooth triggerfish, fusiliers, scribbled pufferfish, bluefin trevallly, souble-spotted queenfish (silvery flat bodied mackerel like), long-nose hawkfish, horned bannerfish and two-spinned angel fish.

Dive 6 – Time in 11:37 @ Cape Kri, Mansuar – much quieter than this morning but still saw many fishes, a big dogtooth tuna, gray reef shark, white tip reef shark, batfishes, a baby red-speckled parrotfish, schools of convict blennies, a barramundi, porcupine fish, baby midnight snappers, ribbon sweetlips, beautiful gold-headed gobbies, and turtle.

Dive 7 – Time in 15:40 @ Chicken Reef, Mansuar – generally good dive, white tip, scorpionfish, crocodile fish, a very nice red spotted coral crab, mini cute cuttlefish, mantis shrimp, flatworms, trumpet fish, map puffer and spotted puffer, garden eels.

Dive 8 (Night dive) – Time in 19:06 @ Batu Lima, Mansuar – good dive, 2 slipper lobsters, a wobbegong, baby crocodile fish and adult one lying together (!) baby octopus, blue-spotted leatherjack, lionfishes, lobsters, many crabs (yellow sponge like, arrow), sea slug, yellow moray eel, crown of thorns (!)

Dive 9 – Time in 08:08 @ Sardine Reef, Mansuar *** - Wow! Another wonderful dive, start with a sandy bottom with many coral bommies and lots and lots of fishes (!) schools of barracuda, humped-head parrot fish, sweetlips and batfish (both orbicular and teira), others include long-spinned porcupine, yellow boxfish, blue-lined surgeon fish, giant moray, sailfin tang, barramundi, indo-pacific bluetang groups, garden eels. I love the baby reindeer wrasse, so beautiful (!)

Dive 10 – Time in 11:35 @ Manta Point, Arbore – 名副其實,there are mantas around ( !) We stayed at the cleaning station at 15m and waited for 30min. Then the first manta arrived, two more followed. Someone saw a sea moth and the DM saw a very large marble ray. The current was getting stronger and I had to hold onto a hard coral. There was just no where to grab on the sandy bottom. We should have brought a reef hook.

Dive 11 – Time in 14:38 @ Manta point, Arbore – 再次下潛,and we strike luck ! Five mantas, two of them had black belly and looked like batman. They came and go and hanged around for a long time. We saw the marble ray this time, a very large one indeed. What a wonderful dive, but at a price because some of us had to do decompression time, and one had the computer locked ! 經過上個dive 大流的經驗,Debbie 今次一落水便找塊大石頭,一於邊游邊搬石頭,很搞笑!

Dive 12 (Night Dive) – Time in 19:28 @ Fam Bay, Fam Island – good wall dive, saw a tiny baby lobster (so cute), some pretty nudibranchs, blotched porcupine fish, a large cod, a painted flutemouth and a wickerwork sole, lots of 牡丹蝦

Dive 13 – Time in 08:07 @ Batu Cenego, Kawe (Equator) *** - Another memorable dive with beautiful corals and landscape. There is a swim through hole, like the Blue Hole in Palau – schools of bigeye jacks, humped-head parrotfish, giant moray eels, mini black flatworm (5mm), nudibranchs. I couldn’t get round the corner due to strong current, but those who made it saw a huge school of jacks which was worth the effort.

Dive 14 – Time in 11:38 @ Batu Hitam, Kawe (Equator) – Very beautiful coral reef that looked like a garden, with a couple of highly decorated pinnacles. We drifted a bit with the current, but the current seemed to be everywhere without heading any specific direction. We saw a large wobbegong resting underneath a table coral. Herry pulled its fin out but it was quite resistant. Next to it was a large barramundi. There’s also a huge lone yellow tail barracuda. Later we saw a long tail yellowish colored shark under a coral. Herry said it could be either a lemon shark or nurse shark.

Dive 15 – Time in 15:31 @ Eagle Rock, Kawe (Equator)*** - We call this dive “Manta Show” because it was just brilliant (!) Because of current, we decent directly from the boat and swam towards the big rock. It was sandy bottom at 10m. We already saw a manta on descent. Then we waited for a while and swam round the rock. The current became strong. I got lost from my buddies and had to follow the other group. After some quiet moments, we then saw five mantas swimming one after another in a straight line (!) When our group turned back and joined the other one, the five mantas came back and started playing and circling around us. It was such a wonderful experience, but Peter and I got drifted away from the reef while doing safety stop and the down currents there were horrendous (!) 幸好有驚無險,上水時因為大浪還要用上象拔,不過 Herry 有點兒生氣,他說我們沒留心聽 briefing,否則不會遇到 down currents。

Dive 16 – Time in 08:12 @ Barracuda Point, Fam Island – there was indeed a school of small barracuda, and some giant clams.

Dive 17 – Time in 11:41 @ Fam Channel (Channel side), Fam Island – 比卡超 (!) one yellow, one pinkish, lots of other nudibranchs.

Dive 18 – Time in 15:09 @ Fam Channel (West Fam Wall), Fam Island *** – very very nice dive!

Dive 19 – Time in 08:09 @ Farundi, Misool – not a very interesting dive, except there were some humped head batfish (first time I saw), and that the rock was infested with lots and lots of hairy nudibranchs (!) most are purple and come in all sizes, but some are pinkish red and some are white. Don’t they have any predators there? There was also a fire clam (electric clam) that was quite interesting.

Dive 20 – Time in 11:48 @ Boo, Misool – a comfortable dive with little current (what a relief !) saw a red long cowry on a red whip coral, a big lobster and a baby lobster, a huge stars and strip puffer (may be pregnant?), a porcupine, a group of pale-colored teira batfish, four pinkish (not lumpy) pygmy seahorses on the same gorgonian (!), giant moray, and many others. There was a very nice swim through at the end of the dive. Herry said it was the climax of the dive, but unfortunately only Peter and I followed him through because it was right at the very end of the dive when everybody was nearly out of air! (Dive time was 1h 12min and I only got 20 bars left !)

Dive 21 – Time in 15:34 @ Two Rocks, Misool – very uneventful dive with nothing much happening for 40min. There were schools of fishes towards the end of the dive – fusiliers and surgeonfish (some ornate surgeonfish), also blue-lined rabbitfish, java rabbitfish, scribbled leatherjack, porcupine, turtle, spotted boxfish, trevallies, triggerfishes, a pink cowry on a pink fan coral, nudibranchs and humped-head parrotfishes.

Dive 22 (Night Dive)– Time in 19:12 @ Kalik, Misool – The first half of the dive was not very interesting as we landed on a sandy/ rubble area with lots of stakehorn corals for 30min before we found the wall. The only interesting find was a baby teira batfish. There were lots more to see at the second half of the dive, but the most fun discovery was a highly decorated anemone crab and some shells – I’ve never realized that they have eyes (!) so cute, like aliens (!)

Dive 23 – Time in 08:03 @ Fiabecet II, Misool – uneventful morning dive without much action. The most unusual scene was a group of yellow-saddle goatfish at 20m – one was greenish with yellow blotch and the others were yellow. However, the corals were truly beautiful, and there were many large gorgonian sea fans at deeper levels.

Dive 24 – Time in 11:34 @ Gorgonian Passage, Misool – had to fight against very strong current all through the dive (!) We tried to go round a large rock to reach the wall: Route 1, at the bottom right; Route 2, over it but the BCD and the regs kept tangled with the corals (!) Route 3, climb down through a small channel on the left side – this was the route that the majority of us took. In the end, all went through to the wall but had to fight against the current. So everybody turned back again. 簡直全軍覆沒!阿輝最醒,很早便返轉頭,慳氣慳力。

Dive 25 – Time in 15:36 @ Fiabacet I, Misool – Quite nice dive, went round the rock drifting along with the current (不用再頂流), a variety of schools of small fishes – fusiliers, damsels, many different trevalliers (golden, yellow spot, yellow fin), some yellow saddle goatfish, bigeye jacks, snappers, long-nose emperors, many types of angelfish, ornate surgeon, pale surgeon, and many baby fishes (!) like in a kindergarten of fishes.

Dive 26 (Night dive) – Time in 18:59 @ Boo Island, Misool – Only Kei, Peter and I went for the night dive at the wall. Anton (the DM) went as well but he was really just enjoying himself with Debbie’s camera. There were many nudibranchs, flatworms, crabs and shrimps. One crab was hanging onto a leaf for coverage. I tried to take the leaf away, but it grabbed it very hard and was wrestling with me. That was so funny! I also loved a nudibranch which stood on the tip of a coral – 很有獨弧無敵的味道,至有型的海兔!

Dive 27 – Time in 08:13 @ Karang Warkraket, Misool – good dive !

Dive 28 – Time in 12:08 @ Farundi Tunnel, Misool – we entered by the swim through from 5m down to 27m, then exit by the big cave; strong currents at midpoint just before reaching the cave. Two white nudi at the bottom of cave (like wearing a wedding dress !) , a fire clam on the cave wall, an air chamber on top of the cave, several humphead batfishes (rarely seen), skeleton shrimp on a whip coral.

Dive 29 – Time in 15:37 @ Batu Wagmag, Misool – usual encounters, but the pygmy seahorses here are not so lumpy.

Dive 30 (Night dive) – Time in 19:04 @ Farundi area, Misool – many babies discovered on this dive – played with a baby cuttlefish while on descent; saw a baby scorpionfish; played with a baby lobster that was trying so hard to defend its home (!) I pushed a coral stick inside the hole. It chuck it out and exposed its whole body, then hid again in the hole next door. It’s the first time and I saw a whole baby lobster. It was about 3cm long and already had the same color and shape as an adult; so cute (!) Also saw a large crocodile fish, and a shell which also has eyes like aliens (!)

Dive 31 – Time in 07:37 @ Tanjung Mabok, Batanta *** - very very nice dive (!) good visibility and no currents, finally (!)

Dive 32 – Time in 11:12 @ Lighthouse, Batanta – last dive of the trip done on black sand, with lots of rocks and rubbles, then sloped up to hard coral reef. Very unusual landscape. None of the usual critters or muck inhabitants were found, but there were lots of nudibranchs and quite pretty ones indeed. Most are not seen before. There were also mantis shrimps and many beautiful gobies – golden-head gobies and orange-spotted gobies. We dived for 80 mins and nobody seemed to want to get out of water! A very nice ending